Epictopus : The collaborative writing platform

Write and share with the community to create greats artworks !

Work step by step.

Take time to build the elements of your narrative first, write a first draft, and improve it later !

Share your work and review !

Use Epictopus to share your creations and collaborate with other authors !

Meet writers all around the World

Meet writers and improve your skills together !

Create elements for stories

You write sometimes but never end anything ? Build "bricks" and share them on the library !

Dedicated building tool

Take time to setup characters, places, themes and intrigue. They may be helpful to you and others !

Share & Learn with the community !

Share your work on the library and work with all the great content you'll find on it !

Be advised by others and give your view !

Share your view on the community's works and take advantage of their feedback on your own !

Work on narrative

You want to enrich your narratives ? Write your own story or build it from the library !

Writing tool

Write, compose, create. Simply.

Insertion tool

Insert all the elements you want from the library to keep them close. Use them on your working place easily.

Share and Link !

Share your work and and stay informed about reviews !

Reworks Artworks and Build Masterpieces !

Do you want to express your creative impulses ? Improve your first drafts and make them masterpieces !

Beautify an artwork

Some are good at storytelling, some are better at writing.
Work on an existing text and make it shiny. Build a masterpiece together !

Collective review tool

Work with the community. Submit your version, vote for the best and improve together with a dedicated collaborative tool.

Best opus made by collaborative works ?

The Odyssey, the Bible, comics, movies...
How many masterpieces were made by more than one person ?
Take part of the next game-changing book !


How do I start my own story ?

Start with the writing tool or take time to create some elements first to organize your work !

How do I share my content ?

You can share your work with the community using the sharing button. You can then get feedback from the community !

May I use the community work ?

Each member of Epictopus is invited to share content and use the library, so do it !

How can I thank the others ?

Vote and write comments to express your interest !
And don't forget to name and thank all the authors who inspired you ! :)

Tell us how to improve !

Got any suggestions or questions? Don't hesitate to reach out !

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